Feb 1, 2011

a muse on the road

in past few years I have had the privilege of  working with models who travel all year around. They live like  nomads who work and inspire artists nationwide and even internationally  . Occasionally one would stay in my studio while working Southern California and enhancing my life even more ...
as far as I know this is a very new life style (archetype) and only possible by advancement of communication and new social networks.

Katlyn’s video here is best sample of this new breed of muses
(video is by Bastard Artist and Katlyn Lacoste)
and a blog representing a few others: The Traveling Models

I am ever so grateful for each of them :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm new at this modeling "gig" and am certainly curious as to what type of lifestyle a full-time model may have. Katlyn is one brave little soul!