Mar 2, 2011

my broken doll

well another image with my dear friend Model Odette
every time I struggle with *depression these self expressions helps tremendously

more from these sets are:
without you
the dead lays here

*( I'll bet some mother f#$ker art-critic will have a ball analyzing this )


GroovaciousK said...

Edgy, nice work. You're stretching.

.mosa said...

big time...!

Majid said...

Nicely done my friend. Every time I see one of your photographs, I see a different side of you.

WinkieWhiteWeasel said...

What a tip. Well done! Its like, what doesn't bend breaks, right?

.m said...

Striking. Fear-inspiring, saddening, but with a hint of hope... Wonderful work, as always.