Apr 4, 2011

Mika Meiri

well here is more of my experiments with watercolor texture
model is Mika Meiri
love to know what you think :)


Vernon Trent said...

great work, Mosa.
Mika is a wonderful model :)

.mosa said...

thank you Vernon
you are absolutely model right, she is an amazing and a she is also a beautiful person
BTW for next few month she is in Europe! perhaps you can work with her too.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly beatiful image with subtle tone and great emotion!



.mosa said...

thank you Mark :)

|ris said...

I absolutely love it!

.mosa said...

thank you Iris

Anonymous said...

Lovely image - as always. Dreamy quality with the processing.

.mosa said...

thank you Sunshine :)