Dec 18, 2010

natural lighting in studio

 recently i had a skylight installed in my studio, the light  is amazing,
so i asked my dear model ArtSonata to do a few fast poses to test the light ...
here are a few samples :)

Dec 13, 2010

Dec 9, 2010

out of fog

again some playing with texture and color on classical fine art nude compositions
Model Odette

Dec 5, 2010


"There is a splendor dissatisfaction in the crimson wave of red
That brightens at the moonlights touch
Stripped bare of the shore that guides it home
The hollow taste of freedom lingers where love used to lie,
Ribbons of sand dancing in the soft stretch of wind
Reaching the waves as tender droves in the night
Washing all sins goodbye"

Anna Catherine

Dec 2, 2010

Nettie R Harris

again from Nettie's last visit
hoping she gets to this part of the world soon <3 <3 <3