Sep 30, 2011

erotica with Sophia Jade

for sometimes now I've been thinking the erotic images need to express the energy and vibration of the act rather than showing it.
so I was very lucky to have the beautiful Penthouse model Sophia Jade pose for me ;)
 these are some smples of this expression

Sep 23, 2011

Sep 18, 2011

ascending phoenix

two more from the phoenix project with madrid
see the other one here
happy Sunday

Sep 17, 2011

Michelle is not here

another image from my last session with Michelle
still looking to find the moment of being and not

Sep 14, 2011

summers end

the other day I noticed an strand of yellowish leaves on the Sycamore trees in our street
while southern California really doesn't have the fall session, you'll know summer is over...

these are other images from the set of work i did with Grace a few years ago "Grace as Marlin Monroe"

Sep 11, 2011

Luzia a portrait

once a while there is an image in a days shoot that reveals much more than usual, the expression of model... the light in her eyes

i think this portrait of Luzia is one of those! so personal

Sep 8, 2011

Sep 6, 2011

...and deliverance

initially I was planning to keep this one for show in art gallery ...
but when posting one of my first editorials on UdA, i figured i need to share it.
 its with the beautiful Cwen and a kinda related to my last posting 

~ i realize making images like this is why i became an artist

Sep 3, 2011

silence prayers

after one year of waiting finally I had anther visit by beautiful model Cwen
this is the first image taken in that session; all natural light from my studio's skylight