Jul 31, 2012

audrey in sun

another photo's of audrey dasia wet in california's hot sun!
looks like this team is very favorable of my models, I've had several request!

Jul 26, 2012


in past few years I've lost so many dear friends, its painful to even think about it.
first they are consumed by depression caused from daily stress,
and the final blow by medication.
psychotropic drugs prescribed by a healthcare system governed by greed ...

model: Kimberley for the book of broken dolls

Jul 18, 2012

not yet

a classic figurative work with Audrey Dasia
using natural light in the studio

Jul 14, 2012

audrey's portrait

a classic portrait with audrey
shoot outdoor/natural light and very little makeup

Jul 5, 2012

sindy's leather

occasionally I'm asked to mainstream fashion and commercial form models or clients work.
here is one of sindy kats form a shoot a while back.
the way economy is going perhaps its time for me to pay more attention to this genre of work

Jul 2, 2012

zelda for goddess project

I been thinking about expansion of goddess project and recently shoot with alt.model mistress zelda for this book!
oh what a sweetheart she is :)