Jun 30, 2011

the sum of me

don't have much to say about this one
they say one picture talks a 1000 words...
as always your feedback is appreciated

Jun 21, 2011

portrait of a muse: Sindy Kat

this weekend I had the privilege of working again with the beautiful Sindy Kat (aka Sindy Katrotic)
this was our 3rd session working together  in past several years.
again she mange to take my breath away with her amazing performance and presence on stage.
with each look she would transform to a different person, right in-front of my eyes/lens

thank you my china girl

Jun 16, 2011

sophie's fire *

from my broken doll series
with model Sophia Jade

*edited; had to rename this to "sophie's fire"
since this image is about her energy and choices
at some point will make a new imageregarding her punishments and how her own community gives her hard time on her choices ....

Jun 10, 2011

erotica with Sophia Jade

well here it is!
I had the pleasure of working with erotica model "Sophia Jade".
while this is a somewhat new arena for me; the question "art vs. porn" is not.
I hope you enjoy my expressions on this matter

Jun 7, 2011


thank you
my blog today reach "the 100 followers" milestone
I am grateful for every one of you, your input in last few years has been priceless for me


don't stare

"all is not as it looks"
some more experiments inspired by early cubism movement

happy birthday dear Chloe Ko <3

Jun 5, 2011

ela darling

edited this form a shoot a while back with Ela

 been considering doing some artsy erotic paintings of her.
Ela is one of the most beautiful beings I've ever meet. she is smart, educated and warm
I love you Darling Ela  <3

Jun 1, 2011

the ballerina

while Lisa was getting ready for next pose, i took this .... couldn't help it, it was like a classic Edgar Degas ...

even though i haven't finished editing her images and some of the
best are still untouched
I can't wait till our next session