Oct 28, 2010

a favor please

Dear friends

I have submitted one of my images for an art-show in NYC and  I need to get as many as possible votes...
this is not something I ask lightly or usually, but it means so much to me and my career :)

one can vote for my work once a day for next few days at:

much respect and gratitude

Oct 19, 2010

the white mud I

used some white clay for a body paint when Cwen was posing for me, this is one of the images from the set.
she is a magnificent model <3

Oct 14, 2010

red china I

from a set of abstract body scape
this is one of very few large prints on my studio wall  

Oct 10, 2010

first time

one of my own favorite images from a recent session with Sandylove
happy 10.10.10 everyone

Oct 8, 2010

“Censorship” Miss America Series

well facebook has deleted some more of my images and this time some of my best work.
It deeply saddens me that in 21 century and a social network group finds my social commentary work offensive.

(this works or on my page where by default are set for adults 18 and over)
model is Penelope Grace

Oct 4, 2010


wara model


"condemned" for: where you are born or your race, religion, sexual preference, gender ... for who you are