Jan 27, 2011

pearl: the goddess

finally I had the privilege of  working with Texan model BarbadosPearl! a goddess figuerd fine art model with years of experience :)

Jan 24, 2011

Jan 17, 2011

ascending odette

again from my recent session with model odette
this concept is from a vision that has been in my mind for sometimes and there are a few more of this with difrent models

Jan 15, 2011

classic odette nude

the beautiful Model Odette was her for another session and at the end we did some classic figurative work.
she is a delight to work with :) 

Jan 12, 2011

lucy in the sky

my first photo shoot of 2011 was with new model Lucy Star
she is so much fun to work with :)

Jan 9, 2011

Anna Catherine

"Don't be deluded by any other endings,
they're all fake,
either deliberately fake,
with malicious intent to deceive,
or just motivated by excessive optimism
if not by downright sentimentality."
~ poet and model Anna Catherine