Apr 28, 2012


experiencing extensive fragmentation due to massive exposure to electromagnetic energies , radiation of microwaves, noise and....

 all due to living in a civilized part of the world: "Los Angeles"

model: tullee

Apr 25, 2012


an erotic portrait of Sindy Katrotic
at the time this purple hue made sense!

Apr 21, 2012

the forgotten

edited this from my shoot with Katlyn Lacoste
love this tone of blue ... problem is it looks so diffident on diffident monitors
it will take me sometimes to mach it on prints, but it well worth the emotion it carriers with it

Apr 15, 2012

Apr 12, 2012


a classic pose with Hana Rose using natural light from the skylight in my studio

Apr 11, 2012

hana rose

got to know Hana a few years ago online
we talked plausibility of working together someday, well I was lucky to have her as my guest last week!
and what a goddess she is...
I hope she will come back this way again