Dec 19, 2012


editing image from a photo-shoot a few years ago model: Cwen

Dec 10, 2012

civil union

till death do us apart
models: Sonata and Evana
 ~it extremely saddens me that we still have to fight for simple human rights
#prop 8 #California Proposition 8

Nov 24, 2012

no exit

one of my own favorite work
with model, actress and fine musician disaster girl

Nov 15, 2012

ella rose

from a series i probably will call "calender girls"
still in process of being developed, this one is the first I'm showing publicly.

Nov 11, 2012

geometry of domination

with all the politics and religion crap going on these days about women's right to their own body and mind/education
I thought this would be appropriate....
model is Cwen and i feel this fits in my broken doll project

Oct 31, 2012

...wake up

with all these pre-election deceiving propaganda i just want to scream...
double exposure/manipulation with  model: zelda
happy Halloween

Oct 29, 2012

Cwen outdoor

not a secret Cwen is one of my favorite art models,
I push her hard and use every second she is here visiting me :)
this one is from my last session before she went to china!
 used the new d800 to capture these, so i will be printing these extra large!

Oct 24, 2012

ella rose at onepixart

I had the privilege of making some fantastic art with British model Ella Rose who visited me recently.
here is a portrait of her

Oct 16, 2012

Cwen at OnePixArt

from my last session with model: Cwen
by far one of the best model I've ever worked with

Sep 18, 2012

Sep 11, 2012

not this time

I had another visit from beautiful Sierra McKenzie, with many special results like this one.
these are very high resolution and extra large images targeted for art prints :)

Aug 19, 2012

portrait of a muse: andrea

a multiple exposure portrait of model: andrea margaret, using the natural light in studio

Aug 16, 2012


a reoccurring concept for me,
feels like i might have over worked this one a little too much...
model: audrey daisa

Aug 8, 2012

andrea at onepixart

last week I had a visit from beautiful young model: andrea margaret
we took amy good images, and here is one.
usually i don't do color nudes but this one i felt should be so!

Aug 6, 2012


been looking to do some more figurative art and looked up work i did with Amelia Simone last year, she is an accomplished yoga practitioner with a very fine toned figure

Jul 31, 2012

audrey in sun

another photo's of audrey dasia wet in california's hot sun!
looks like this team is very favorable of my models, I've had several request!

Jul 26, 2012


in past few years I've lost so many dear friends, its painful to even think about it.
first they are consumed by depression caused from daily stress,
and the final blow by medication.
psychotropic drugs prescribed by a healthcare system governed by greed ...

model: Kimberley for the book of broken dolls

Jul 18, 2012

not yet

a classic figurative work with Audrey Dasia
using natural light in the studio

Jul 14, 2012

audrey's portrait

a classic portrait with audrey
shoot outdoor/natural light and very little makeup

Jul 5, 2012

sindy's leather

occasionally I'm asked to mainstream fashion and commercial form models or clients work.
here is one of sindy kats form a shoot a while back.
the way economy is going perhaps its time for me to pay more attention to this genre of work

Jul 2, 2012

zelda for goddess project

I been thinking about expansion of goddess project and recently shoot with alt.model mistress zelda for this book!
oh what a sweetheart she is :)

Jun 27, 2012

snake charmer

I've thought about a shoot with snake and model for a while, this was a test with model " villa lobos "

Jun 20, 2012

villa lobos

recently I had a shoot with very talented model villa lobos, with some good images form our first session soon to come.

Jun 16, 2012

a new prototype

for the book of goddess project "a new prototype"
featuring: hana rose

ps. this ain't your mom's glamour book

Jun 11, 2012


just got back from an exploratory trip to central cost of CA.
this is a fast shoot at the campus of UCSC

Jun 5, 2012

Barbados Pearl

been revisiting old work I did with friends,
so here is a goddess image of beautiful Barbados Pearl
useing the natural light from my studio's skylight

May 21, 2012

May 17, 2012

May 14, 2012

consume me

my birthday is approaching so I thought sharing something special
this one is a continuation of "after this"
model for this is my beautiful muse lucienne elora which i am so gratful for!

oh! and I've a request:
please don't make any judgement about the concept till I've time to write about this series.
just look at its composition/color and generic aesthetics
thank you :)

May 4, 2012

sophia jade

playing with some old film texture and color on this portrait of Sophia Jade I've shoot recently