Aug 31, 2011

Sierra McKenzie

this last week I had a visit from beautiful model: Sierra McKenzie
an exquisite classic renascence look; with porcelain skin and redhead and best of all an enlighten heart = a wonderful treat for any artist :)

Aug 18, 2011

made of earth

The train shifts in the night
Full of rhythm and noise
shuffling to be heard amongst the tracks
A bird collapses on the fringe
Restless and broken by the moons rustic gaze
Wings flogged by the midnight air
Tempered by the dusty sparks of fire
Emerging from the surface of the heart
Shaped to life by the humming of the wind

~Anna Catherine

once in a blue moon there is a chance to collaborate with another artist
the synergy is as epic as a tantric experience
thank you Anna

Aug 16, 2011

Aug 12, 2011

going analog

Sometime ago I wrote on a model/photographer's forum how I missed the grain "Tri-x film" produces.

Immediately I was ridiculed by the young (and punk!) photographers: "we pay thousand of dollars for latest DSLR's to get less grain and noise..."

Well, here its!
The results from my first roll developed. And after over 20 something years, shot with a Nikon f3 (which is almost 30 years old and was my first pro camera ever) and some Tri-x film all manual

from my last session with model Chebo a few weeks back

Aug 10, 2011

Dragonfly Princess

a few years ago I did a series of portraits for submission to local magazines. this one is one of my fav.
considering how I would have edited a portrait like this now, find it  interesting how my style has changed.

 I am sure the social-economic situation has much to do with it .
art model: Jamie Sue

Aug 9, 2011


 last time traveling model Luzia was in my studio somehow was one of the shortest photo session I've ever had, yet we manged to get some good images, like this one

she is in California now and has promised me a full day of collaborations!

Aug 4, 2011

out cast

this one is very special and personal for me...
 model: Katlyn Lacoste <3