Aug 30, 2009

Women’s Crusade

a recent article in NYTIMES on the atrocities inflected on women around the world reminded me of a subject mater I am much interested addressing.

here are two earlier work with relating subjects:

"Domestic Violence" model : Nora


"In Whiteboy’s Town"

I’ve also been working on a new project based on sex slavery which I think will be shown only in print format.

meanwhile I am still learning how to workout this  blog thing, any input is much appreciated


Aug 28, 2009


visiting European model ** (edited for safety reason). I am so grateful with all the obstacles she still managed to come and visit me. incidentally this pose is an accruing in my work and I will have to write about it at some point

Aug 27, 2009


more of my work with art model Sonata,

I am still figuring what direction with this blog to go, “my conceptual work”, “studies”, “fine art nudes” or ...
meanwhile I will do my best to post here on a daily basis.

thank you for visiting
.mosa .

Aug 26, 2009


my beloved muse ArtSonata I have worked much with and planning much more <3

Aug 25, 2009

holding myself

one from the "slayed geisha series" with model Lady Anais. there ar more of this sett and i will post them soon .m

Aug 24, 2009

Classic work with Brooke

when a model like Brooke poses, one has to do some classic fine art style as well visit her blog Brooke Lynne