Dec 29, 2011

Happy New Year

wishing a year of peace, prosperity, harmony and well being for everyone

model is my beautiful and wild friend Sindy Katrotic a goddess in latex

Dec 26, 2011

after this

well here it is. this is an images from a concept series, which has hunting me for years. must have shout for this over a half dozen times with different models and it never came out as i wanted, till this last time...
I could talk volumes of books about it, yet the image is good enough to leave for your interpretation model: Echo Nittolitto this will be the last image of year much love to you all

Dec 24, 2011

spirit of dances to come

I recently had another shoot with model Monica  (after several years gap from our first session).
I fund she is good artist/actress and hope our collaboration will continue into next year

Dec 21, 2011

winter solstice

sunset over monorey bay CA

IMHO this is probably the most significant event of the year, and while there is much information about it online, I'll share mine as well
tonight will be the longest night of the year and yet man kind has celebrated it in different cultures form the very beginning of time.
in the classic battle of light against darkness as of tomorrow the light will gradually prevail and each day will be a little longer

Dec 15, 2011

residue of past

do you sometimes meet someone and know he/she has been in your life before,
even though you have never meet ...
model: the beautiful Luzia

Dec 12, 2011

the way to civilization

make a leap for human evolution...
 from my recent session with Disaster Girl.
wanted to keep this for print only, but I'm in such a good mode Ill share <3

Dec 9, 2011

Disaster Girl

I recently had a vist from artist Disaster Girl
a beautiful soul who is currently playing in northern CA.

Dec 5, 2011

Dec 2, 2011

portrait of a muse: echo

recently I had the privilege of working with traveling model "Echo Nittolitto"!
oh what a delicious treat, she is all about being space of creative.

she also posed for a concept inspired by Francis Bacon
I've been trying this vision for several years, finally made it!
thank you echo <3