Nov 29, 2010

portrait of a muse: Odette

yesterday finally I had chance to work with the beautiful young lady  Model Odette
smart,  talented and with an exceptional  integrity

Nov 25, 2010


playing with light form and texture, model is my dear friend Wara

Nov 23, 2010

Visiting Stranger (book of sacred prostitute)

little big ego trip for me!
been thinking about this concept for a long time and here it is.
i like this so much, already  planning to do  diffident variation of it soon :)

Nov 19, 2010

to find "ME"

finally had a chance to work with Anna Catherine as she came to visit LA for a short time :)

Nov 16, 2010

Sohrab and Gordafarid

inspired by the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), a masterly rendition of Iran's national history in verse by Ferdowsi....

Nov 12, 2010

NevaehLleh: torso

again a classic composition from my last session with NevaehLleh, she is such experienced model when she poses for me, I get so many exquisite images <3

Nov 5, 2010

for you

For you, I thought I knew love
In foolish partners, in hap-hazard encounters
In strangers, and dangerous affairs

For you, I made abundant mistakes
Growing and learning carefully, carelessly
Redefining my insides to the out

For you, I'm taking a chance
Hoping you'll forgive and understand
Knowing none of it was planned

For you, I spent this lifetime
Searching until I found 
Your eyes, your words...and those hands.
For you, my thoughts race
This heart refuses to beat
And for your reply...I wait...

"sandy love"

Nov 3, 2010

statistical casualty

i read the Iranian woman who was to be stoned to death is now going to be executed ...
an it reminded me of a work i did a while back ...

here is a link....

after election madness

we just finished with madness of elections ...
so here is one of all times master artist Charlie Chaplin