Mar 28, 2011

Mar 27, 2011

-no title-

for some times now Ive been thinking how spirituality is dieing ... specially in organised religion
have not been able to come with a name for this yet

model Nora

Mar 20, 2011

can't shake this

well we just started a new war!
same old promises, a new country  a new tyrant
add to it Japan's catastrophe + one of the worst economy's I ever remember and ....

... I haven't been able to shake this depression.
but I am working it out by making art

shoot this a few years ago with a visiting model who wishes to stay antonymous

happy spring!

Mar 9, 2011


as winter is about to end and spring is up on us
 and based on many ancient traditions
a time to reflect on new...
to sit quietly,  clean the house. ...

so reposting "shiva" one of my own favorite earlier work  with beautiful model "NevaehLleh"

Mar 2, 2011

my broken doll

well another image with my dear friend Model Odette
every time I struggle with *depression these self expressions helps tremendously

more from these sets are:
without you
the dead lays here

*( I'll bet some mother f#$ker art-critic will have a ball analyzing this )