Mar 30, 2012

at Santa Monica Museum of Art

yesterday I had the privilege having a photo-shoot in Santa Monica Museum of Art.
inspired by stunning handmade rugs designed by Milton Glaser and produced by Lapchi

Ill have some images soon

model: NevaehLleh an myself!

Mar 27, 2012

eva and violin


from a recent project with the beautiful model: Ava Lily and a violin. couldn't decide which one to pick,
so posting both!
love her smile :)

Mar 16, 2012


an exercise in the texture and fabric of time/space: "let it go"
model: tullee

you tullee come back my dear :D

Mar 6, 2012


reclining figure has become a reoccurring element in my work.
a good sample from recent work would be: "after this" (there are a dozen or so others in past few years).
postures like this reflects the state of vulnerability and despair in our times, for example: Henry Moore's masterpieces "Falling Warrior"

model: Tullee

Mar 4, 2012


initially I had other ideas for the title of this image; some thing to do with next generation,
their issues, pains and ... being lost
then i decided to make my own life easy!!
for my upcoming book: the "broken dolls"
model: chebo