Jan 30, 2012

Jan 26, 2012

morgan in disguise

here is something i did last year with model /artist and actress "Morgan Barbour"

Jan 23, 2012

classic goddess

this is an image form my goddess series. I had shoot this several years ago, but somehow wasn't happy with it, well today after little adjustment I am very proud of it :D

Jan 19, 2012


for today posting one of my favorite portraits I took recently
with erotica model: "Sophia Jade"

Jan 16, 2012

Jan 12, 2012

tullee in sun

I had a visit from traveling model "Tullee"
a sweetheart with so much expression ... :)
we shoot continually for hours. yet I am hoping to get another session with her while she is still in southern CA.

Jan 8, 2012

migraine headache

in past few month I've been getting very subtle "migraine headaches" ...
so like everything else I figured illustrate the damned feeling!

these days western medicine and how my local hospitals work /operate scare me big time. add to it dealing with the health-insurance and pharmaceutical co and and you get me running away so fast...

 i think i keep the headaches ;P

Jan 3, 2012

echo and david

while editing this image, I kept thinking of David (Michelangelo), so that's how this was named!
this year already has started to be very productive, I am grateful