Feb 28, 2012

lucienne elora

in past few weeks I've been very fortunate to work with talented local art model "lucienne elora".
she has an excellent knowledge of figure work and an artist herself.
here are some figure study work form my recent work with her

Feb 25, 2012

Nettie R Harris

I've started working on my long overdue book, and looking at my work from past few years, where I came across this :)

Feb 22, 2012

not me

a personal image with Cwen from her last visit
looking forward to print this one <3

Feb 20, 2012

new workstation

finally I had the means to upgrade my editing workstation!
on my old system I run PS Cs3 on Win-XP with Pentium-4 and 2gb of ram and the new PS Cs5 on Win7 with 16gb ram/i7 + a blazing fast solid-state hard drive!
it took me about 10days to put my new toy together <3
so i had fun testing it on a image from a shoot with beautiful model NevaehLleh!