May 30, 2011

chebo a portrait

sometimes when the sun is right behind the model and right in front of lens the glare generates most spectacular colors ....
this was an experiment inspired by such an event
so grateful for beautiful model chebo posing for me

May 28, 2011


last year a European fashion/art magazine asked me to submit stuff for their editoral section
so few days ago when model Chebo was here, I asked her if she would pose for this concept and she gracefully did so
this is one of the primary sketch for the project

May 25, 2011

Lisa Jupiter a portrait

Ive been wanting to do a portrait like this for a long time ...
I've even asked several other models , but it didn't happed, until now!
thank you Lisa for comming all the way from SF and posing for me <3
you can visit her at her blog :)

May 21, 2011

Lisa Jupiter

recently I had the privilege of meeting visiting model Lisa Jupiter
a delightful model, she is also a dancer and ballerina

May 10, 2011

the dancer

another watercolor experiment!
I am getting to really like this technique
from a last year session with model: Sandy Love

May 7, 2011


playing with form and light
from my last session with model NevaehLleh

May 5, 2011


finally had a chance to work on this one from a shoot a few years ago
with beautiful model Sindy Kat

May 2, 2011

behind the walls

from the sleeping beauty series
with  Nettie R Harris
again playing with textures and composition over classic concepts   

May 1, 2011