Feb 22, 2010

Chris St James

once in a blue moon I have privilege of getting to know a being like Chris.
with his selfless giving,  the love that is his expression of life and the support he has been for other artist without making any judgment
it becomes evidence to me: there are other ways to attain Budahood beside a monastic life.
I salute you dear Chris

"as Shiva"
model: NevaehLleh

Feb 15, 2010


been thinking about this composition for sometimes and when visiting Canadian model Christelle was here I asked her for this pose!

Feb 12, 2010

RIP: Alexander McQueen

while I don’t consider my self a fashionista, cannot deny I was mesmerized by the genius of Alexander McQueen

Feb 7, 2010


today's from my archives with one of my all time favorite model and my dear friend,
wishing a happy birthday dear Chrysalis

Feb 5, 2010

raining in LA

its wet here and i feel dirty :)
(leaks in my studio)

model is SindyKat