Jul 22, 2011

the warped chair

while my primarily focus these days is on my photo-manipulations and paintings, when I get to work with a model who is a master of classical fine art; the result comes out work like this!

this week I finally had the privilege of working with Katlyn Lacoste.
I can comfortably say she is one of the best "Art Models there" is! superb at posing and manners of a bohemian artist
I'll have work to edit for long time to come.


ivanka k said...

Very beautiful, amazing composition and lighting! Love it!

.mosa said...

thank you Ivanka

Slumdog said...

Your work is so good.

We all recognize the challenge of being "fresh" in a world in which we are flooded with images.

You've achieved repeatedly the capture of, and thus the ability to share, archetypes.

This image is what I believe nude art should be about. The erotic is not front and center. The image is pattern, form, line, and engages these powerful, vibrant female forms in ways that evoke a response of just simply, "Oh My God!"

Your work is so much better than anything I've seen in this area.

That you continue to discover, identify, capture and share takes being alive now and brings to it candies, fruits of your own journey for us the viewing audience.

Thx Mosa.

.mosa said...

slumdog: thank you so kindly sir. welcome back!
BTW I have your prints ready

paul blieden said...
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